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Three stars. Return to Aromatic Tobacco Reviews. Find a review on. Mac Baren Tin Description: Black Cavendish and Golden Burleys. A soft and exceptionally mellow smoke. Delightful, aromatic taste. A true pleasure journey. Country of Origin: DK Curing Group: Air Cured Contents: Burley, Black Cavendish Cut: Ribbon Packaging: Write a Review.

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Review by bobt. A Great Aromatic This is a pouch from Was this helpful? Prices were fair. I received two cans of pipe tobacco in a timely manner. The one can I opened had great fragrance and freshness.

Mac Baren 7 Seas Regular Blend / Pipe Tobacco / Pfeifentabak / Pfeife rauchen

Excellent smoke. Scott D. Write A Review. Customers buying this also buy. Submit Close. By providing my email address, I agree to receive special offers by email from Cigars International. No purchase necessary. Click here for contest rules. Click here for contest winners. Privacy Policy. Overall Rating 4. Showing of 41 Reviews Sort By Date: Newest First Date: Cynthia V. Yes 0 No 0. This was the first tin I ever bought.

It is now my go-to tin. Zacchary H. Was this helpful? This is fantastic and has become one of my favorites.

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  • Mac Baren 7 Seas Regular Pipe Tobacco - Cigars International?
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Nick D. Yes 1 No 0. Aaron M.

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I'll save you my lame attempts at trying to describe the flavor. This is a well balanced, absolutely amazing all day aromatic smoke. I ordered this at the same time I ordered Q1. While Q1 is nice, I've been leaning heavily on 7 seas regular day to day. Just ordered another half pound Gordon W. In my top 10 picks for aromatics. Nice taste, room aroma very good ang good tobacco taste. But this one takes the cake.


It has a great aroma out of the tin, isn't too dry or too moist, packs well, lights well, burns well, and most importantly tastes fabulous and has a nice room note. This is the tobacco I keep coming back to again and again. But the Original white tin rocks! Highly recommended. Geoff R.

Yes 3 No 0. Very nice not as good as the Royal but very good. Jason C. Yes 1 No 1. Very enjoyable, mild and is a real pleasure to smoke This is a nice easy comfortable smoke. It is not the most challenging or sophisticated neither am I. I enjoy trying some bolder smokes but I really enjoy finishing off with Mac B 7 'cause it just good. It is easy to light and keep going, has a mild and pleasant taste and smell and doesn't leave my mouth burnt and nasty tasting.

David R. Its not quite sure what it wants to be Obviously a quality tobacco.

Mac Baren: 7 Seas Regular 100g

In bulk its not as wet as a a McBaren tinned offering, so it smoked well with only a bit of drying time. However its not quite an aromatic but not truly a non-aromatic. I can't discern exactly what the top note is but its there. Not an unpleasant smoke, though! Robert R. One of my new favorites for sure. Super smooth. Matthew M. My first good tobacco was Captain Black original.

Mac Baren 7 Seas Royal - Pipes and Cigars

I played around with others but kept going back. Then I read a review that said 7 Seas regular was not just another Captain Black wannabe but was better in all categories. Could this be true? I bought a large tin and was amazed. After the second light it burned completely. The flavor was excellent, no bite and burned cool. I still keep some Captain Black Copper around just for a change. Now if I could only find a cherry flavor to impress me like 7 Seas Regular. Mike F. Ancient curmudgeon that I am, it may just be faulty memory.

Or prap's worn out senses are to blame, but my recollection of this Mac Baren blend, had me anticipating a more robust flavour. Michael E. It smoked cool down to a fine ash and was well-balanced, fruit forward, light and approachable. It still is, but my taste has emigrated from Aromatica to Old England. Even so, my memory still holds this blend dear as a fine example of a well-crafted aromatic. Dominic V.

Exceptional mellow smoke. admin