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That second stop is a good idea anyway on a laptop. Google took a lot of deserved heat when developer Elliott Kember called out this "insane password security strategy" in a blog post last August. After initially defending Chrome's system on the grounds that, hey, anybody with access to your computer could run a specialized app to grab your passwords, Google has quietly added an extra, experimental lock. As upgrades go, this one is exceptionally well buried. Instead, type "chrome: From then on, you'll have to enter the system password to see saved passwords--just as you would in Safari or in OS X's Keychain Access app.

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  5. Why does Chrome ask for your Mac Keychain password??

This worked as advertised in OS X, but in Windows 8. Keeping passwords in sync and secure across different devices isn't easy, especially if they don't all run the same kind of browser. In a multiple-computer situation, I suggest looking past Chrome's password synchronization and Apple's iCloud Keychain limited to Apple's latest browsers in favor of LastPass. This Fairfax, Va.

Why does Chrome ask for your Mac Keychain password?

Or you can employ a free, cross-platform option I've endorsed many times before after hearing it from security expert Bruce Schneier years ago: Write your passwords down on a piece of paper--without clearly identifying which site they match--and stick that it in your wallet. You already know how to keep your wallet safe, and if you lose your wallet that slip of paper will be less interesting to a thief than others that happen to feature portraits of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Alexander Hamilton or Ben Franklin. The latest version of Chrome finally brings blessed relief for a bane of modern computing: Chrome, for whatever nefarious reason, hits up the Keychain Access to request the confidential password information stored there.

Remember, this data was saved to the keychain via Safari, not Chrome. After some clicks, the message will go away, but a simple refresh of the website in question will cause the pop-up message to rear its ugly head once more.

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So, yes, I blame myself. Reading is fundamental folks. I was wasting my time. As the pop-up message states, this was an issue with accessing some data in the Keychain, so obviously, I needed to do some snooping around the Keychain in order to see what was up. The plan is to get rid of the complicated Keychain code, thereby improving the robustness of the Chrome Password manager.

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I've created small tool to deliver your credentials from Chrome into macOS keychain. Here is a page on github.

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Well if you created a new keychain one for work and one for personal that would make your answer of missing all the passwords for chrome, you can have multiple different name keychains but mainly only one can be use per profile. As for the keychains yes chrome is getting rid of it and using the Gmail account sync feature to remember all your passwords and login, bookmarks etc.

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  • As for the app 1password I switched from roboform 6 years to 1password 2nd year and I love 1password I purchased the pro version and this allows me to have work, personal, family, friends with their own passwords and links and each group you can designate a separate password so friends or dog can't see cat passwords or use it. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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    • Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Google Chrome CajunLuke As far as I can tell, Chrome uses the keychain automatically: Olly Hodgson Olly Hodgson 3 9. I'm comparing password management tools. Since I use Chrome, this effectively rules out Keychain, right? What a load of bullcrap. I never download from the App Store and they all can still use the keychain.

      That's frustrating, I frequently use Keychain to look up the passwords I've saved from Chrome. I'll just use Safari.