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Feb 7, I understand but it's not excepting my Apple ID so I imagine who ever installed it in the apple store used there's. See if your model falls in one of these categories: If it does you may require a firmware upgrade first. However, if your model originally came with Snow Leopard, then you will first need to reinstall that version of Snow Leopard after erasing the drive.

After the installer loads select your language and click on the Continue. After DU loads select the hard drive entry from the left side list mfgr. Download and install Mac OS X May 21, Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Powerp Powerp More Less. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: Kappy Kappy. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Boot to the Internet Recovery HD: Cross-platform-malware-exploits-Java 2. Cross-Site-Scripting in Safari 1. Cybercriminals Increasingly Target Apple 1.

Cybercriminals will target Apple in , say expe 1. Cybereason 1. Cybersecurity Daily-Definition 1. Daily-Mac-Updates 1. Dark Web 1. Darwin Nuke entdeckt - jetzt System upda 1. Data-Breach 7. Datenschutz 2. Denial-of-Service Attack 2. Destructive Mac ransomware spread 1. Detect-if-your-Mac-is-infected 1. Deutsch Deutschland 2. Diagnostic-Tool 1. Diese kleine Box knackt iPhones 1. Differential Privacy 1. DigiNotar 1. Diginotar-break-in 1. Digital Citizen Digital-Forensic-Software 1. Digitally signed data-stealing malware t 1. DNS Hijacking Malware 1.

DNSChanger 2. Do Not Disturb-Bug 1. Dockster Mac malware found on Dalai Lama 1.

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Does Apple care more about securing Mac 1. Dok 2. Web 1. Drive-by Wi-Fi i-Thing attack 1.

OS X Yosemite Clean Install: Bootfähigen USB-Stick erstellen

Dropbox 1. Educacation Apps 1. Education Education 3. Education-Apps 2. Education-Evolution EFI 5. El Capitan 1. Elcomsoft 1. EmPyre backdoor 1. EmPyre backdoor and XMRig miner 1. Encryption 6. English Epson 1. Erpressungswelle mit iPhone-Fernsperre 1. Erreur 53 et iPhone: Error53 2. Eset 1. Espionnage 1. Extracting-Passwords 1. F-Secure 9. Face ID has been defeated again 1. Face-ID 8. Facebook 1. Facebook, Apple hacks traced to infected 1. Facebook-Logins-not-properly-protected 1. FaceTime 1. Failles dans Safari 1. Fails 1. Fake Tor browser for iOS 1. False Illusion of Security 1.

FBI 1. Wir haben nicht geklaut 1. FileVault-Password-Bug 2. Fin du support de Snow Leopard 1. Find and Call Malware 1. Find-out-if-your-Mac-is-infected 1. FindZip 1. Fingerprint Sensor 1. Firmware 9. First Automated Security Update for Mac 1. First fake-installer Trojan for Mac OS 1. First iOS Trojan attack 2. First known OS X ransomware spotted in Mac torrent 1. First Mac-targeting ransomware hits Transmission..

Fixing Numerous Security Holes Updates 1. Flash vulnerabilities 4. Flash-Player 2. Flash-Player-Vulnerabilities 3. Flashback Flashback-Mac-Trojan Flaw in Apple's iMessage Encryption 1. Flaw in Sparkle Updater for Mac opens users of pop 1. Flshback-Mac-Trojan 2. Forbes 4. Forensics 1.

Forewarned is Forearmed! FoundationDB 1. Four security tips you need to know 1. France 3. France2 1. Freundin kann iPhone X mit ihrem Gesicht entsperre 1. Fruit Fly 2 1. Fruitfly 6. Fruitfly malware spied on Mac users for 13 years 1. Gatekeeper 5. GitHub 1. Gizmodo-Hack 2. Glassbox 1. Google 3. Government Government Spyware 1. Graykey 2. Gust MEES 1. H-Security 2. Hack-Mac-OS-X 1.

Hacker knacken iPhone 7 1. Hackerangriff auf Apple: Diese Apps sind betroffen 1. Hackers Allegedly Leak 1 Million Apple 1. Hacking lessons learned 1. HandBrake 4. HandBrake mirror download server hacked 1. Handbrake-Download war mehrere Tage mit Malware Harden-Up-Your-Mac 1. Heartbleed 1. Heartbleed OpenSSL bug 1. Heise-Security 1. My Mac's Been Hacked! Help-for-Mac-FlashBack-Trojan HelpNetSecurity 1. High Sierra 6. High Sierra will launch with a major security hole 1. History-Of-The-Mac-Malware 1. Hoax 1. Homebrew 1. HomeKit 1.

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HomePod 1. HOP 2. Hotspots 3. Hotspots Gangers 1. Hotspots-Security 1. How hackers compromise websites like App 1. How one man could have hacked every Mac developer 1. How secure are Apple's iPhone and iPad 1. How to Steal an iPhone's Passcode 1. Huge MacOS bug lets anyone login as root without a 1. Huge security flaw lets anyone log into a MacOS Hi 1.

Human Rights 1. Hypocrisy 1. I'll never use Apple's Face ID 1. ICT Identity-Theft 1. Ignorance 1. Immune No More: An Apple Story 3. Imuler-Trojan 6. In-App Purchase 1. In-the-wild attack exploits unpatched OS X zero-da 1. Infect Your Friends with Malware 1. Infected-Macs-test 1. Infection 1. Infographic 7. Infographics 3. InfoSecurity 1. Ins0mnia 1. InSafe 1.

Intego 2. Internet Banking 1. Internet of Everything 2. Internet of Things 2.

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Internetsafety 3. IoE 2. Update behebt Probleme und bringt Verb 1. Apple apporte des corr 1. IoT 2. Irina-Shayk-Malware 1. Irre, so viel verraten iPhone-Fotos 1. Is Apple Most Vulnerable? ISP 1. Israel 1. IT-Admin IT-Security ITEspresso 1. ITwin 1. Jacksbot Java malware 1. Jailbreak 6. Java-Exploit-attacks-Mac Java-Security-Holes Java-Update 9. Java-vulnerabilities Kaspersky 8. Kaspersky pointe Adobe, Oracle et Apple 1. KeRanger 7. Kext 1. Keydnap Malware Steals Keychain Passwords 4.

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Keystrokes 1. Killer text bomb 1. Krebs On Security 1. Law 2. Lawsuits 3. Leaks 3. Learning 2 Learn Learning basic IT-Security visually 5. Learning basics of Cyber-Security Learning basics of Cybersecurity Learning IT-Security Learning Technology Trends To Watch 1. Learning, Learning, Learning not Apps 1. Learning-Cybersecurity 8. LeFigaro 1. LegbaCore 1. Leopard-updates-for-Flash-vulnerability 2.

Lessons-from-MacDefender 3. Linux 1. Logins 1. LPE Exploit 3. LulzSec 2. Mac Mac App Store users left at risk again 1. Mac Attack: Mac bug makes rootkit injection as easy 1. Mac espionage trojan 1. Mac Malware - How to Avoid It 1. Mac malware Crisis 2. Mac malware found in malformed Word docu 1. Mac malware in 1. Mac malware is spreading at a frightening rate 1.

Mac malware on the rise as crooks turn to ransomwa 1. Mac malware signed with Apple ID infects 1. Mac Malware Spies On Email Mac malware spies video and audio captur 1. Mac malware uses 'ancient' code 1. Mac malware, be aware! Forewarned is! Mac OS X Mac OS X: Mac OS X est lui aussi un paradis pour 2. Mac OS X malware is heating up Apple 1.

Mac OSX Trojan malware spread 1. Mac Spyware 1. Mac users 1. Mac users are getting hit with ransomware 1. Mac users face increased ransomware threats 1. Mac users in "undelivered courier item" 1. Mac users vulnerable to state-sponsored Trident at 1. Mac viruses? Here's Thunderstrike 2 1. Mac, iPhone, or iPad, update your software right n 1. Mac-Backdoor Mac-Backdoor-found-in-the-wild 1. Mac-Botnet Mac-Fake-Flash-Player 5. Mac-focused malware is big and getting.. Mac-Immunity 1. Mac-Infection-through-Word-Document 1. Mac-Malware Mac-Malware Fruitfly kann Maus und Tastatur bedien 1.

Mac-Malware-General 1. Mac-Malware-Monsoon 1. Mac-Malware-Scams 3. Mac-Nutzer aufgepasst 1. Mac-OS-X 8. Mac-OS-X-Investigations 1. Mac-OS-X-Malware 1. Mac-OS-X-Server 1. Mac-Scareware 3. Mac-Spyware 1. Mac-Trojan 7. Diese Malware will Sie zuhause beoba 1. Mac4Ever 2. Macbook 7. MacBook Pro 1. MacBook Webcams can spy on their users w 3.

MacBook-Batterie-Hack 3. MacBook-Hack 3. MacGeneration 3. MacKeeper 2. MacKeeper carelessly leaves 13 million Mac users 1. MacMarshal 1. MacOS MacOS a aussi son ransomware-as-a-service 1. MacOS malware steals bank log-in details and intel 1. MacOS-Keychain kann per App ausgelesen werden 1. MacPlus 2.

Macpocalypse 1. MacRumors fears user database was hacked 1. MacRumors Forum 2. MacRumors Forums breach 1. Macs and iPhones patched — including 23 kernel-lev 1. Macs and Malware 2. Macs are running insecure firmware 1. Macs can be remotely infected with firmware malwar 2. Macs need to patch too! Macs vulnerable to virtually undetectabl 1. Macs-get-malware 3. MacScan 1. MacSpy 2. MacWorld 3. Makro-Malware geht den Mac an 1. Malware Malware infiziert iOS-Compiler Xcode 1.

Malware uses denial-of-service attack in attempt 1. Malware-Removal 2. Malware-Updates-definition-PDF 2. Masque Attack 1. Mavericks 3.

Reinstall Mavericks on a computer already running it

McAfee 1. Now when I try reinstalling OS X Mavericks, it says that an error has occurred while preparing installation. I don't know what else to do. Before it would at least let me input my Apple ID and then it would tell me the application was not available at the time, but now nothing. Could it have been because it was a new Apple ID?

Is there anything I could do? Posted on Jun 20, Are you booted into the Recovery Partition? It is a slow process. This will install the OS that the computer shipped with. You can then try to upgrade from there. Posted on Jun 21, Page content loaded. Jun 21, Jun 21, 8: I don't know much about computers, so all I know is that I did a hard reset on my disk.

Every time I try installing a new copy of OS X a little page pops up and says that in order to download and restore OS X, your computer's eligibility will be verified with Apple. But then it says an error has occurred while preparing the installation. I really don't know what to do. But anything would help. The format of it is Mac OS Extended. Jun 22, 9: It sounds like it is formatted correctly. Aug 17, I am having the same issue. When I follow your instructions, I get this error, "macOS could not be installed on your computer.