How to change size of periods in word on mac

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Do mention Amy when contacting him Goodluck. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. My one page zombie essay was extened a quarter page, and It had exactly periods. Great tip. I was taught in several of my lit classes that you are supposed to add two spaces after every period. For three years I had that drilled into me. Some of the handbooks also say that that is proper form. Using these tips in conjunction with one another works wonders One thing that I find that is quick and easy to do is, if you only need it to be a bit longer, increase the font by.

Find/Change text in InDesign

This lengthens your writing, but won't be noticeable if you are given a certain size to use. The only thing the period trick does is change inner line spacing from whatever the original period font was to the new period font. If you are going to do this trick, you might as well just increase the between lines spacing. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction.

It wasn't you that worked in an English lab, was it? If you do not see the Special pop-up menu, click. To replace found marks or characters, click Replace All , Replace , or Find. If you do not see the Use wildcards check box, click. On the Special pop-up menu, click a wildcard character, and then type any additional text in the Find what box.

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Find and replace text and other data in Word for Windows. To replace found text: Click the magnifying glass, and then click Replace.

How to Make Writing Appear Longer.

In the Replace With box, type the replacement text. Click Replace All or Replace. In the Navigation Pane , click the magnifying glass. Find text with specific formatting and replace the formatting. At the top of the dialog box, click Replace. Find paragraph marks, page breaks, or other special characters.

Add 2 spaces after a period in Word

Find and replace paragraph marks, page breaks, or other special characters. Select the Use wildcards check box.

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Click Find Next. You can refine a search by using any of the following wildcard characters. To find Use this For example Any single character? Any single character except the characters inside the brackets [! Word highlights all instances of the word or phrase in the document.

On the magnifying glass pop-up menu, click Replace. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? To add dots with your tab stop, or to add another type of leader, under Leader click the type of leader that you want. Crate a table of contents. There are several ways to set tabs in a Word document. Add tab stops A quick way to set tab stops in your document is to click the ruler where you want the tabs to appear.

Select grammar and writing style options

Click the ruler where you want a tab stop. For example, click 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Now, when you press the TAB key, your text will line up with the tabs you've set. You can set the following types of tab stops: Tab stop Description A Left Tab stop sets the start position of text that will then run to the right as you type. Set a tab stop using the ruler On the View menu, click Print Layout. Select the text in which you want to set a tab stop.

How to Make Periods Bigger on Your Word Document

Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.

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