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I figure that if the date created and size are the same, it's a safe bet they are duplicates. But I cannot check if I cannot show the sizes. Can you help? What am I doing wrong? Hi, I honestly can't remember what the Finder looked like in Snow Leopard but I'm sure in SL Finder Preferences there are some advanced settings where you can alter the Perform a Search to be limited to the current folder just like in ML. An image of how mine looks is here but obviously it's two OS versions further on. Attached Images Screen Shot at Doesn't work with SL.

The Size and Label are grayed out It's not that long since I had SL and a friend of mine still has and I can confirm that the following works: Half way down the box you will see "New Finder Window Show".

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This has its own drop down menu and you can choose from a wide range of options where you want your searches to begin. Thanks, Ian. And then in the box, near the bottom, you have When performing a search: I wouldn't have searched this if not for your suggestion.

How can I get rid of all my duplicate files in multiple hard drives?

But I still can't list the size of the files. Anyone who can help me sort out duplicate files on my harddrive? I switched to iMac last year and had just about 'unlearned' all my Windows power user knowledge, so what you suggest was something I just plain did not think about. I reorganized the folders in Documents and in Pictures over GB of images, video, and word-processing files recently and my sync software used with my portable drive was overwhelmed.

I ended up with over GB of duplicates and MacPaw's Gemini is overwhelmed and I can't wait until they implement the fix in their next update. What was driving me nuts was how to merge the folders, since Mavericks OS X Your solution is so practical and simple, I kick myself for even buying Gemini a duplicate finder app. God Save the British and their practical approach to Mac computing!


Thanks, and you will ever be my hero on this Forum, my friend. StarRider14 that is a cracker of a first post! It is most gracious of you but we just try to help whenever we can. Now what is really good is that you searched the forums first to find answers before posting and the old sages and mods on here will be most impressed that you did.

Welcome aboard and we hope that you get involved. Not sure about that 'practical approach' after my recent debacle with a failed Mavericks upgrade! Duplicate files in Finder. Originally Posted by pendlewitch. I've been using Araxis Find Duplicate Files but have just discovered the far superior PhotoSweeper - Fast and powerful duplicate photo cleaner for the Mac. Provides full control of how close a duplicate has to be to be counted and will allow fully manual, or customised auto deletion.

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You can choose Auto Select or you can see and choose which duplicates to delete. And you can see each duplicate in a window and make sure the duplicates really are the same. And they are! The app never fails. It is built so well, looks so professional, and the user interface looks so nice. This app is worth 10 Stars! I love this app. Thank you to the developers for creating this fantastic app.

It is FUN to use.

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I am getting dug out of the mess I have made on my external drive. If you have thousands of files, this app will help get it under control. I wish I had found this years ago. And no, I do not know the author — promise. Wish I did- he is one smart dude for figuring out what people really need in a duplicate finder. Oh and the manual is amazing.. However I came across this app which is very cheap.

So I gave it a go and I managed to clean and delete over 5GB of duplicate data!

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It literally took a few minutes and has saved me a lot of money which I would have had to invest in an external hard drive. Thank you so much!

A MUST for everyone! I know the problem of duplication composite in different folders. I have long wanted to find an application that will retrieve duplicate tracks. Duplicates Expert — the perfect solution for such problems.

What is the best software on the market for removing duplicate files?

The app works very quickly without bugs. Also in the app user interface, which allows you to find duplicate files in 2 clicks.

Many thanks to the developers. Been waiting for this application.