Quadro fx 4500 mac g5

Apple offers three different graphics-card options for the Mac Pro, ranging from a general-purpose card to a high-end option intended for scientists and engineers. The Mac Pro accommodates the card with a special double-wide slot on the motherboard.

Power Mac G5 nVidia 512MB Quadro FX 4500 (PCI Express) Video Card

If you go with the basic graphics card and later decide to upgrade to the Radeon X XT, you can order the card as an upgrade kit from the Apple Store ; just keep in mind that you may have to move other cards around to make it fit. This card has a little interface that lets you hook up stereoscopic displays—essentially, high-end and expensive 3-D glasses.

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Some scientific and technical applications rely on such displays—for example, molecular biologists use them to visualize their models in three real dimensions. Like the Radeon card, the Quadro FX is a double-wide. Many things are not faster, but some things are: One other side benefit is that, counterintuitively, the GPU is several degrees cooler despite being bigger and beefier and the fan is nearly inaudible, no doubt due to that huge honking heatsink. It's not a big bump, but it's a step up, and I'm happy.

I guess all that leaves is the RAM Phase 2 is compilation. That'll be some drudgery, but I think we're on target for release with 38ESR. Posted by ClassicHasClass at 1: NathanHill January 19, at 5: I had no idea about the Quadro cards being so cheap. Most of the ones on eBay are actually flashed cards, and it's actually pretty simple to flash one, though you need a PC.

Blender - Power Mac G5 and IBM IntelliStation POWER benchmark series

I did flash a years ago for my G4. As to the SSD and write endurance, you'll be fine. Your mechanical hard drive won't wear out like an SSD, but it can also decide to up and fail in a moment's notice anyway. And by that time, you will either want a new SSD anyway as prices fall or have migrated away from your G5. I can mark off the Intel as being incompatible, from my own experience, but supposedly even the Samsung EVO, which is a nice drive, works well in a G5. The second trick is making sure you get a solid drive and not flaky stuff from OCZ or Kingston.

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I imagine an SSD would add a nice kick of speed to some of the work you do on your G5. Considering I'm still using my G5, I'm pretty bad at estimating when I'll migrate away. I still think there's too many gotchas even now with finding an SSD that works as you point out.

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A blog dedicated to information and resources about classic Macs with tons of information. Links, software downloads, guides, hacks, and the Yosemite theme pack. Peter, one of the intelligent readers of this blog, wrote in with a nice money saving workaround to upgrade your video card to the best available option. It was really designed to be more of a workstation card as opposed to a general usage or gaming card.

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