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Right, I'm fed up with Genie Scout not working half the time.

Which I am of course, no matter how many times I try and Run as Admin it just doesn't work on a regular basis. If there is a simple, complete fix for this then could somebody please tell me as it's getting to the point of being rediculous now. I don't want to have to uninstall and re-download every time I want to use it. Hi, I cant get Genie scout to work everytime I try to load game I get an error message saying it cant locate football manager, help!!!

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Did you uninstall GS first, or just reinstall it over the original? Additionally, I tried to redownload and to reinstall and no I didn't try to continue while GS was loading. I have a problem. Genie freezes when he does "Converting People Index" for the second time.

Why clubs are using Football Manager as a real-life scouting tool | Games | The Guardian

Waiting to get my email changed, but how do I get 13G again? I have tried to fix as soul18reaver suggested but it didn't work. Help me please. Install genie again and it should work.

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I reinstalled numerous times but no help. It just says 'an error occurred receiving update information'. Any ideas how to fix this? Hi voehahn, please upload it at https: It's says i'm running unsupported FM version.. Please help..

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I have run diagnostics, where to upload the file? It always seems to be much higher? Does anyone else find this? Hey I've downloaded it and I want to remove a manager from the save I have at the moment but can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Discussion: FM Genie Scout 13 - Exclusive

Hummm I started using this great tool, but it reports lots of players that dont exist… Specially loads of brasilian players. Is this normal behaviour? Or is this a bug?

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  • If its normal how to deactivate it? This doesn't work maybe because the Version in download link of this page is the V 0. If you have a different version and you want support for it, you need to post a diagnostic log, so I can implement it in a bugfix version.

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    Running the latest version for However search doesn't seem to work and no results appear. I'm running FM version Please supply a valid email address. Please accept our Privacy Policy.

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