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It's not perfect. You'll probably have to edit a few of the fields manually, since Acrobat usually sets decorative lines incorrectly as fillable fields. If you see a form field you want to remove, click on it it will highlight in blue and press the Delete button on your keyboard. You aren't deleting the line, merely the field that Acrobat set incorrectly. When you think your form is ready, click the Preview button to see how it appears to someone who is filling it out.

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Suzee Ramirez. How did you create your PDF file from Word? If you've used a different method, try this and then see if you can detect any form fields. If this does not work, then unfortunately, you will have to add your form fields manually.

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The form fields should behave correctly - I don't know why you are experiencing these weird effects. How are you creating the fields? Do you see the same effects when you work with a different PDF file?

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Thank you for your help. I will play with the file some more to see if printing the pdf works better. When not writing, Kimberlee enjoys chasing waterfalls with her son in Hawaii.

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Skip to main content. Create a Signature Line Use Word to create the document as you would prepare it for any signature. Create a workaround by following these steps: Insert a table. When the cell is inserted, adjust the width to make it the desired length and height.

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Choose a bottom border to create a line for the signature. Signature Methods To keep all records in a digital format to expedite processing and reduce paper waste and storage issues, some companies use digital signatures even when clients are physically sitting in front of them.

How to create data entry fields and form in Word 2016 for Mac . Windows users will also benefit.

Digital Certificates for Validation A digital certificate is like a digital notarization that confirms the date and time of the signature with a digital key. References 3 Microsoft: admin