About this mac storage wrong

The About This Mac window will show the storage breakdown for all locally mounted hard drives.

Why Is My Mac System Storage So Big? (MacMost #1808)

These errors occur simply because the sizes calculated in the About This Mac window are done from file metadata information that is collected into the Spotlight index, and not from any monitoring of the physical size on disk as is done in the Finder information window. Therefore, if you are seeing incorrect storage calculations then it is likely your Spotlight index is damaged and needs to be rebuilt, which can be done with the following steps:.

Do Sierra or High Sierra report incorrect free disk space?

Computers What to do when About This Mac lies to you It may be perplexing to see the system report you have zero movies, music, and photos on a relatively populated hard drive. When this error occurs, you may see one or more categories show incorrect size calculations.

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Make sure Spotlight is on To address this problem, first make sure Spotlight is enabled for your system. To do this, open the Terminal and run the following command: Here the system progressively identifies files as it indexes the drive. The first is to open the Spotlight system preferences and then drag your hard drive to the Privacy list, then back off again.

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This action will clear the index and cause the system to rebuild it from scratch. The second approach is to run the following Terminal command, which will likewise erase the Spotlight index: Reindexing may take a while to complete sometimes several hours depending on the type and size of the drive's contents , but after it's done, the system information utility should properly report file sizes.

How to Fix Wrong Hard Drive Data Usage Calculation in OS X

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2. Reindex Your Mac’s Hard Drive

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